Workers’ Compensation

Did your employer provide a Form 50? Are you entitled to TPD benefits? Have you reached MMI? Getting injured at work is stressful enough with medical bills and time missed from work. Plus, workers’ compensation is full of acronyms and terms that are not really used anywhere else. The attorneys at the Perry Law Firm have extensive experience in handling workers’ compensation claims. We represent both employers and employees. Our experience allows us to handle claims thoroughly and creatively. Workers’ compensation claims are controlled by specific statutes and rules. This can lead to a cookie cutter approach—one shoulder injury is basically the same as other shoulder injuries. But at the Perry Law Firm, we evaluate each case on its individual merits. We do not simply accept the wage information provided by the employer. We understand that a shoulder injury may actually constitute a neck or back injury. We also have solid working relationships with physicians and other experts across the state. This allows us to effectively represent clients throughout Nebraska. A number of our attorneys are also licensed in and handle workers’ compensation claims in Iowa.

Over the last ten years, our attorneys have taken more than 100 workers’ compensation cases through trial. We have earned the reputation as aggressive litigators in this field. Our approach and experience also allows us to obtain successful settlements for our clients. One of our many workers’ compensation clients sustained substantial burns over 65% of his body as a result of a workplace injury. We were able to negotiate a substantial six-figure settlement with his employer for his significant injuries. We also obtained a six-figure settlement for a Nebraska resident who was injured in California while performing work for a company based on the East Coast. We were able to convince the Nebraska court that it may have jurisdiction and obtained separate settlement approvals in all three states. For an Iowa client, we obtained a substantial six-figure settlement by establishing that her arm injury also resulted in injuries to her central nervous system, thus greatly increasing the recoverable benefits.

If you or a loved has been severely injured as a result of a workplace injury, contact a member of our legal team at 1-888-576-9200 for a free consultation.

The results obtained in any cases referred to in this website are based upon the specific
facts of each case. Each case must be evaluated upon its own facts and merits.