After the death of a loved one, the first priority is grieving and adjusting to life without that person. The last thing you want to deal with are bills, property issues, and other financial matters. This is where the attorneys at the Perry Law Firm come in. We will be there to help you through the process of probating the will, administering any trusts, determining the heirs of someone without a will, and handling all of the financial and property matters that arise after someone dies. We will do all of the legal work to admit the will to probate, appoint a personal representative, give notice to heirs and creditors, handle claims by or against the estate, and gather and distribute estate assets. We will also work closely with tax professionals and other financial specialists to minimize taxes and prepare necessary tax returns and documents. We will also work with you to sell estate assets, plan for the succession of any business the individual was involved with, and engage in tax planning for the heirs or successors. This difficult time in your life will be made much easier by the professional legal assistance of an attorney at the Perry Law Firm.