Estate Planning/Wills

The Perry Law Firm is experienced and actively involved with estate planning and tax-related issues to address our clients’ needs, goals, and desires, and protect the personal and business assets that our clients have accumulated over their lifetimes. We encourage our clients to be proactive and plan well in advance how they want their property to pass upon their death. We continue to work with our clients throughout their lives as personal circumstances and laws change to keep clients’ estate plans effective and updated. Our attorneys work closely with tax professionals and other financial specialists to minimize the impact of income, gift, estate, and inheritance taxes. We offer a wide range of estate planning services to address any client’s estate, big or small. That may be a simple will with powers of attorney and naming of guardians for minor children. Or it may be a complex will with one or more trusts, durable powers of attorney, healthcare powers of attorney, and planning for charitable giving and lifetime gifts. Whatever your situation may be, we can help you plan for the future and be assured that you have done all you can to make the transfer of your estate smooth for your surviving loved ones.